Hyunjung Lee Scouting Report

Scouting Reports

One of the A-10 Conference’s best shooters, Hyunjung Lee is one of the best shooters in this draft following his All-A-10 season. While he didn’t live up to his 44% from 3 and 90% from the line from 2020-21, he still had a good junior season. On the year, Lee averaged 16 PPG, 2 APG, 6 RPG, 0.7 SPG, and 1.5 TOPG on shooting splits of 47/38/78. Below is his full scouting report:

Name: Hyunjung Lee

Height/Weight: 6’8/204

Wingspan/ standing reach: 6’10/8’7

Hand size: 9


Pre-Draft team: Davidson

Tools: Shooting, off-ball movement


  • Versatile shooter with good size
  • Good shooter from any distance
  • Good cutter
  • Good rebounder
  • Can pass with either hand
  • Capable of passing out of P&R sets; patient in waiting for teams to overcommit to the ball
  • Shoots off the dribble over contests well
  • Capable of making blindside blocks near the rim
  • Intelligent player who doesn’t make glaring off-ball or defensive mistakes (spacing, rotations, etc)


  • Poor athlete; 27 inch vertical
  • Lacks strong defensive recovery ability
  • Hesitant to drive & finish in traffic
  • Needs to be more consistent with pass accuracy
  • Heavy feet defensively with lateral quickness
  • Likely negative defender; gets beat by quick first steps
  • Needs to get stronger


Hyunjung Lee is an intriguing shooter at 6’8 with a high basketball IQ, and an innate ability to impact the game without the ball offensively. 

While Lee lacks the athleticism and blow-by ability to lose defenders on the perimeter, his ability to run around screens at the right times will help him get open and to get his shot off quickly.

When Lee is not shooting the ball, he provides value as a passer. He is skilled with both hands as a passer, being able to run pick & rolls in light usage, finding skip passes and rollers. As a P&R ball handler, Lee uses his lack of speed to his advantage, timing passes off of his stops which attract defenses to funnel into trying to force a turnover. 

Even more impressive is his ability to pass out of shooting situations. When he comes off of hand-offs or catch & shoot opportunities, he immediately looks for the holes in the defense for the open teammate. Whether it is the roller out of the hand-off, or an open shooter from the closeout, Lee will find the open teammate.

Defensively, Lee is a likely negative, struggling to stay in front of most ball-handlers. Quick first steps burn him against drives, and he doesn’t have the recovery ability to handle crossovers. In order to limit his defensive shortcomings, Lee will need to be hidden against lineups with a lack of a scoring threat.

The main selling point with Hyunjung Lee is his outstanding shooting ability. He can spot up quickly, and with his size, he is difficult to get a meaningful contest against. With deep range, ability to hit movement shots, and a lethal pump fake, Lee has a meaningful role as an off-ball player. Another off-ball skill Lee possesses is an innate ability to cut and finish off of cuts at the rim, evidenced by his shot chart below. 

As a pure off-ball player that can exploit collapsed defenses, Lee is worth a gamble in the second round of becoming the next great shooter with size in a limited role.

Similar to: Cameron Johnson, baby Duncan Robinson

Projected draft range: 45-undrafted

Expected role: Shooter with size that can pass out of his shooting gravity/double teams created 

Unplayable if: Lack of athleticism limits his game translating, especially in getting his shot off against NBA defenders while also struggling defensively.

Exceeds expectations if: Shooting becomes near elite, his cutting and passing translate, and defensive/athletic woes don’t limit him much.



Shot Chart: