Jaylin Williams Scouting Report

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One of the most improved players in the country as a sophomore, Jaylin Williams broke out at Arkansas, earning All-SEC and SEC All-Defense honors. On the year, Williams averaged 11 PPG, 10 RPG, 2.6 APG, 1.3 SPG, 1.1 BPG, and 1.8 TOPG on shooting splits of 46/24/73. Below is his full scouting report:

Name: Jaylin Williams

Height/Weight: 6’10/237

Wingspan/ standing reach: 7’1/9’0 ½  

Hand size: 10 ½ 

Position: PF

Pre-Draft team: Arkansas

Tools: Size, feel for the game, versatility, upside


  • Projectable shooter with one-dribble scoring potential
  • Switchable and versatile on defense
  • Excellent defensive instincts
  • Smart shot blocker
  • Always keeps himself in plays defensively
  • Comfortable drawing charges
  • Good up-fake with ability to attack closeouts
  • Strong up-fake at the rim that gets defenders in the air
  • Good passer out of drives
  • Good touch at the rim; makes the most out of being a below the rim finisher
  • Reliable P&R roll man and overall strong cutting ability
  • Long arms and big hands; plus frame
  • Has a good floater/mid-post floating layup
  • High motor
  • Quick first step


  • A bit awkward defending iso 3s
  • Needs to be more consistent shooting the ball
  • Must improve guide hand and shot fluidity from 3
  • Below the rim finisher at the rim in traffic
  • Needs to get slightly stronger
  • Should use left hand more at the rim


Jaylin Williams is a versatile power forward that should be a glue-guy that can adapt to both his teammates’ abilities and play styles, and with counters against varying defenses. 

As a scorer, Williams has tons of untapped potential, particularly on the perimeter. He has shown flashes of using up-fakes on the perimeter and using a runner in the paint or getting to the line. Only a few times did he try the up-fake into one dribble pull-up jumper, but if that becomes a consistent move, knowing how lethal his pump fake is, that could be a lethal development for his jump shooting upside. Another area Williams uses pump fakes well is at the rim, which helped him draw shooting fouls under the basket.

Beyond fakes and scoring off of quick drives out of fakes, Williams has potential scoring at all three levels. Williams needs to get better at finishing above the rim in traffic, but he has good touch at the rim on layups with both hands. While his left hand volume wasn’t strong at Arkansas, the times he did go left, he looked comfortable and capable in traffic. On top of that, his layup and floaters can expand to almost the free throw line, which makes him a bit unpredictable as a finisher. Williams will have to be almost elite at finishing layups, because he isn’t much of a finisher above the rim in traffic. However, with a head of momentum on cuts and drives, he has shown the ability to try monster dunk attempts. 

While the percentages for Williams’ 3 point upside aren’t good-looking yet, his form is mostly projectable with good touch. As a dominant P&R roller, hitting spot-up threes off of screens would help him be an unpredictable guard off-ball. As he becomes a more consistent shooter, he will become more dominant in the P&R, combined with his short-roll passing ability as the roll man.

Defensively, Williams can switch onto wings and some guards, but can struggle at times to guard post-ups. As a perimeter defender, Williams showed increased discipline as a sophomore, and good athleticism to recover on drives against quicker slashers. While he is a bit awkward in guarding isolation 3 point shots, he is strong on drives, which helps him project as a positive defender in the NBA.

Another hidden area for Williams is what his P&R coverage abilities are, since Arkansas put him in a scramble often, forcing him to be a drop-coverage big. With a high motor, willingness to take a charge, a good frame, and a high basketball IQ, defense should be a big selling point for Williams to see the court early in his NBA career.

Similar to: Cody Zeller, Jonathan Isaac lite, Naz Reid, Taj Gibson

Projected draft range: 25-35

Expected role: Versatile big that can serve as a glue guy doing almost anything on the floor on both ends, while making his teammates better.

Unplayable if: Unlikely to become unplayable due to versatility on defense plus being able to adapt to any role offensively, but his jumper never developing would limit his effectiveness.

Exceeds expectations if: Jump shot progresses, and ability to create offense scales up and develops in the NBA. Defensively, if he can prove to play any P&R coverage, he will be a strong two-way big.

Best Fits:

  • San Antonio Spurs (25)
  • Dallas Mavericks (26)
  • Orlando Magic (32)
  • Toronto Raptors (33)
  • Sacramento Kings (37)


Shot chart: