Keyontae Johnson Scouting Report

Scouting Reports

One of the more positive stories in college basketball this season was Keyontae Johnson having a full and successful season at Kansas State following his scary collapse in 2020 at Florida. As a leader for Kansas State this year, Johnson was named to the All-Big 12 team. As a fifth year senior, Keyontae Johnson averaged 17.4 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 2.1 APG, 1 SPG, 0.2 BPG, and 2.9 TOPG on splits of 51.6/40.5/71.5. Below is his full scouting report:

Name: Keyontae Johnson

Height/Weight: 6’5/239

Wingspan/ standing reach: 7’0/8’7

Hand size: 9

Position: Wing

College/ country: Kansas State

Tools: Athleticism, versatility, finishing


  • Excellent athlete
  • Versatile defensively 
  • Explosive first step
  • Good touch/finisher at the rim
  • Efficient jump shooter that has improved since Florida
  • Excellent cutter
  • Great frame with long arms and NBA strength
  • Good rebounder
  • Long closeouts defensively
  • Good runner


  • Needs to tighten his handle
  • Health red flags
  • Potential character concerns
  • Can try to do too much in traffic, resulting in turnovers
  • Averages more turnovers than assists


Despite being a 23 year old wing at the time of the draft, Keyontae Johnson remains a prospect after missing most of the last 2 years, making him your not-so-average 23 year old senior. Johnson still has untapped upside, 

Keyontae Johnson is an athletic wing with 3 level scoring ability, defense, and ability to play well off-ball as a two-way wing. Offensively, he can score in transition as both the ball-handler and second man on the break. He also has the ability to score in both isolation and out of the pick & roll thanks to his explosive athleticism, both on the first step and by finishing above the rim past and through defenses. Beyond finishing, he has a nice pull-up jumper in the mid range, as well as an efficient both turnaround jumper and floater. As a three point scorer, Johnson thrives as a spot-up shooter, and can create his own three point shot behind screens. Lastly as an off-ball player, Keyontae Johnson uses his three point and jump shooting gravity to his advantage to burn defenders off-ball into easy finishes off cuts. 

Defensively, Keyontae Johnson has the ability and athleticism to guard slashers one-on-one, regardless of position. He likely projects around being an average to above average defender, depending on the teammates around him. From a physical standpoint, it’s hard to see his defense failing unless he becomes a poor team-defender and low motor guy in the NBA.

Overall, Johnson fits the NBA as a modern wing offensively, being able to simply score and checking the boxes for athleticism. His NBA career should still be given a fair chance despite him being 23 at the start of his rookie season, unless the past health & off-court issues come up as red flags in the pre-draft process. If Keyontae Johnson gets a clearance in the medical department, his 3 level scoring ability plus defensive capabilities will land him an immediate rotation spot, likely off the bench. As he develops and masters schemes on both ends, he has the upside to be a starting caliber wing.

Similar to: Kelly Oubre, Quincy Pondexter

Projected draft range: 50-undrafted

Expected role: Two-way off-ball wing.

Unplayable if: Health concerns hold him back, and his turnover issues don’t improve.

Exceeds expectations if: Shooting translates, due to some FT% concerns, as well as his physical tools being practical on both ends of half-court play.


Shot chart: