Matt Coleman Scouting Report

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A two-time member of the All-Big 12 team as an upperclassman, Matt Coleman was a late bloomer as a scorer at Texas. As a senior, Coleman averaged 13.2 PPG, 4 APG, 3.5 RPG, 1.2 SPG, and 2.6 TOPG on shooting splits of 49/38/81. Below is his full scouting report:

Name: Matt Coleman

Height/Weight: 6’2 / 180

Wingspan/ standing reach: 6’5 / N/A

Hand size: N/A 

Position: PG

College: Texas

Tools: Speed, defense, playmaking


  • Excellent athlete with great quickness
  • High motor
  • Very quick defender
  • Excellent passing instincts + vision
  • Excels in the drive & kick
  • Plays passing lanes well and forces turnovers


  • Low release on jump shot
  • Left hand dominant
  • Needs to be a better finisher with his right hand
  • Needs to prove he can play in high tempo offense


Matt Coleman is a two-way guard with potential to be a play initiator, defend both guard slots, and to be a threat off-ball as a shooter. Coleman does a great job in running the pick & roll, and in general finding open teammates, especially out of drives. Coleman’s vision, passing instincts, and carefulness make him a threat to find the best shot available, which is a key ingredient to how Coleman makes his teammates better. As a shooter, Coleman has made a difficult improvement, going from 31% from 3 in his combined lowerclassmen seasons to 39% in his junior and senior seasons combined, with the first two years of the 3 point line being pushed back closer to NBA distance. As Coleman becomes more confident in his right hand, his potential as a scorer at all 3 levels becomes more realistic. Defensively, Coleman has outstandingly quick feet and can cover lots of ground in short time. While he might be limited to defending point guards only, he can still wreak havoc on the perimeter due to his quickness and ability to stay in front of his man. It has been confirmed to me that Coleman’s wingspan is 6’5, which could allow him to guard some shooting guards. Off-ball, Coleman plays passing lanes well and can be a bit of a free safety in forcing turnovers off-ball. Coleman is a late-bloomer in terms of finding success at the college level, but as someone who has seen almost all of his games in his 4 seasons at Texas, I can confidently say Coleman is worth investing in on a two-way contract as he refines his skills in the NBA G League.

Similar to: Minnesota Jeff Teague, Chris Duhon

Projected draft range: Undrafted

Expected role: Backup two-way point guard

Unplayable if: Jump shot doesn’t translate and predictable left hand dominance holds him back as a creator.

Exceeds expectations if: Right hand develops and jump shot proves to be consistent, at least as a spot up shooter

Shot chart:


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