Mouhamed Gueye Scouting Report


Mouhamed Gueye was a top 75 recruit, and earned PAC-12 All-Freshman honors while taking a jump as a sophomore to become a member of All-PAC-12. As a sophomore, Gueye averaged 14.3 PPG, 8.4 RPG, 1.9 APG, 0.8 SPG, 0.8 BPG, and 2.3 TOPG on splits of 49/27.5/67. Below is his full scouting report:

Name: Mouhamed Gueye

Height/Weight: 6’11/213

Wingspan/ standing reach: 7’3 ¼/9’2 ½   

Hand size: 10

Position: C/PF

Pre-Draft team: Washington State

Tools: Athleticism, size/length


  • Great rebounder
  • Good athlete that can attack closeouts
  • Mobile defender who can afford to be switched onto guards
  • Can shoot over closeouts
  • Long arms and ideal frame
  • Runs the floor well and is good in transition
  • Quick first step for a big that can take advantage of more traditional centers
  • Has a good spin move from mid-post
  • A bit underrated as a playmaker; had second most assists at WSU
  • Good second jump
  • Can have a mean streak, particularly as a shot-blocker and slasher


  • Defensive awareness/team defense abilities need to improve
  • Must reduce foul trouble
  • Needs to improve shot mechanics consistency; guide hand/release combo isn’t always fluid; ball can come out flat with no arc at times
  • Can force up bad shots too often
  • Very raw; teams will have to be patient with him as he learns the game from a more strategic perspective
  • Needs to get stronger and add weight/strength


Defensively, while Gueye has the tools to compete in a modern NBA, he still has a long way to go in technique, reading the offensive player, and overall defensive awareness. As these come together, his defensive potential has a good chance to be met as a big that can protect the rim and defend drives/perimeter-oriented players. While Gueye could be a good help-side rim protector with outstanding length & athleticism that gives him a long block radius, how he fits as a shot-blocker or rim protector in a defense when he cannot camp in the paint will be big for his outlook.

Offensively, Gueye offers upside of off-ball ability & floor spacing, as well as the ability to finish at the rim in a variety of ways. As an off-ball player, Gueye needs to continue refining his mechanics to get consistent arc and a repeatable motion. As he continues to improve as a shooter, that will open up the rest of his offense at all three levels. By nature of an improved shot mechanics, he should be able to hit spot-up threes, off the dribble (and catch & shoot) mid range jumpers, as well as being able to both post-up to score near the rim, as well as attack closeouts with a head of steam towards the rim. With a quick first step, defenses cannot recover from a collapsed middle easily, and as Gueye develops his handle further, he will become more dangerous going to the basket.

Gueye improved a lot as a shooter from his freshman to sophomore year, so teams will have to be patient and trust another jump or two are coming again in the near future. While the 3P% stayed the same, his free throw percentage jumping 20 points is promising to NBA teams evaluating his jump shot as a future outcome, not a current one.

The main area of improvement for Gueye as he develops at 20 years old until November is decision-making. Often-times offensively, Gueye forces bad shots and is too shoot-first in a way that can be negative to the offense. A couple specific habits he has to improve are: shooting after picking up a loose ball in a crowded paint, and simply the shot diet he has will need to be scaled down to play winning basketball within himself to both produce and be a positive player. Defensively, his rotations can be late and he can be a bit confused of where to be at times, both examples of inexperience that could be fixed with the right NBA infrastructure.

Overall, Mouhamed Gueye is a good upside play in the second round as a lottery ticket for a team with multiple picks, with potential to space the floor, finish at the rim, and defend multiple positions while showcasing his athleticism on both ends of the floor. Teams will have to decide if some of his negative habits are reversible, or just a product of his age. Work ethic will also matter for him, because these habits are not easy to reverse, and will take significant buy-in for a potential overhaul in the way Gueye sees and thinks the game. 

One piece of context to consider with Washington State is that their roster did not have a true point guard to facilitate, often forcing Gueye into worse situations than he will see in the NBA. If the poor team construction context benefits him, he could be a gem hiding in plain sight.

Similar to: Bol Bol, Christian Wood, James Wiseman

Projected draft range: 35-58

Expected role: Athletic 4/5 combo big with potential to be a threat at all three levels 

Unplayable if: Unique tools stay theoretical, and he doesn’t put his combination of size, athleticism, and budding skill together. Additionally, if his shot never develops consistency, he will be difficult to maximize.

Exceeds expectations if: Jump shot improves mechanics and thus production, and/or decision-making does a 180 on shot selection and shot diet.


Shot chart: