Reviewing the Dallas Mavericks’ Trade Deadline

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The Mavericks acquired Doug McDermott and a future second round pick as part of a three team deal that saw Devin Harris traded to Denver. This deal benefits the Mavericks on multiple levels:

  1. The Mavericks had one healthy SF against the Clippers, which was Wesley Matthews. Wing is a need now and in the future, as the Mavericks are unlikely to draft a wing with their first selection. Additionally, this could allow for more minutes for Harrison Barnes at the power forward slot.
  2. This opens up more minutes for Dennis Smith Jr. In the 4 games that Devin Harris missed at the end of January, Dennis Smith saw his minutes exceed 30 each game, which is above his season average.
  3. The Mavericks acquire a player they would’ve likely had to pay more for in free agency than they will to keep him in the summer.

The Mavericks will miss his locker room presence, floor spacing, and defensive prowess. Devin Harris was able to guard both guard positions as well as small forwards, and he did so effectively. Harris was also shooting 35% from 3 with the Mavericks. The Nuggets gain a quality veteran backup PG with versatility. Harris will also help the development with Jamal Murray behind the scenes.

Next, Doug McDermott was a great fetch by the Mavericks. McDermott will be a restricted free agent this summer, but should be able to be brought back on a club friendly contract. McDermott has hopped around quite a bit in his first 4 seasons, playing for now his 4th team in 4 years. McDermott is a career 39% 3 point shooter and an average athlete with high basketball IQ. A coach’s son, McDermott should thrive under one of the elite coaches in Rick Carlisle. Additionally, he will get ample spot up opportunities, which should help Wesley Matthews, Harrison Barnes and Dennis Smith Jr. McDermott will help Matthews because he will create more space for Matthews by being another sharpshooter, which should in theory help Matthews’ 3P% continue to improve in what has been his best in his 3 years in Dallas. Harrison Barnes will be helped when Barnes is one of two starters on the floor, which is quite common for the Mavericks to do. When the Mavericks run Barnes with limited starters on the floor with him, the team’s 3P% tends to increase, as well as attempted 3 pointers. Having another knock-down shooter should help Barnes’ playmaking as well as his team ratings such as offensive rating. Dennis Smith will be helped, very simply put, because he has another shooter to create for. I expect Dennis Smith to see an increase in his assists per game numbers to close out the season.

Lastly, the Mavericks’ acquisition of a future 2nd round pick helps bolster the second round picks they have gathered recently. Currently, the Mavericks only owe a 2020 second round pick to Philadelphia, and own future second round picks from other teams in 2019, 2023, and whichever year this Nuggets pick is transferred over (details have not been released).

Overall, I think this was a great trade that the Mavericks needed to make. They acquire wing depth for both now and the future at a low cost, and acquired another pick to potentially help future trades or serve as future youth. I’d give this grade an A-.

This trade should not impact the Mavericks’ draft board.