Roko Prkacin Scouting Report

Scouting Reports

Roko Prkacin is one of the youngest players in the draft, and is also a former Junior Adriatic League MVP. On the 2020-21 season, Prkacin averaged 13 PPG, 7 RPG, 2 APG, 1 SPG, 0.5 BPG, and 2.4 TOPG on shooting splits of 50/35/62. Below is his full scouting report:

Name: Roko Prkacin

Height/Weight: 6’9 ¼ / 225

Wingspan/ standing reach: 6’11/ 8’11 

Hand size: 9 ¼ 

Position: PF

Pre-draft team/ country: Cibona / Croatia

Tools: Feel for the game, versatility, passing


  • Good passing feel
  • Should be able to grow as a ball-handler
  • Good shooting touch
  • Good rebounder
  • Outstanding overall basketball IQ and feel for the game
  • Self-creation upside, particularly within the 3 point line
  • Athletic in the open floor
  • Good off-ball mover


  • Needs to speed up his jump shot and steady out his base
  • Currently struggles to guard post-minded bigs
  • Must get stronger
  • Hand placement on shot is unnatural (places it to the extreme right)
  • Needs to reduce turnovers


Roko Prkacin is a versatile and intelligent forward with modern skills in creation upside. While a lot of Prkacin’s upside relies on his shooting being revamped, he has a decently high floor due to his feel for the game & instincts, passing, and likely room to grow as a ball-handler. Prkacin does a great job of reading offenses as a defender, both on-ball and off-ball which makes it easy for him to make up for some of his physical shortcomings, both in length and in athleticism. Some of the videos shown below do a good job exemplifying his instincts and overall basketball knowledge. Prkacin is also a good passer and has good playmaking upside for a forward. He can make reads out of live-dribbles, he can pass out of the post, and he can pass from the top of the key – something every big man needs to be able to do. Prkacin also has the ability to break guys down 1-on-1, something that is more likely to be a long-term skill, but he has shown (below) examples of being able to hit defenders with crossovers, mostly in open floor situations. As the handle and playmaking develop, Prkacin becomes more versatile offensively, being a modern positionless player. While his defense is difficult to evaluate due to mild feet and hips, and poor recovery ability, his IQ should hold him up on that end to be near average. Look for Roko Prkacin to be a potential combo forward in the NBA.

Similar to: Dario Saric

Projected draft range: 25-40

Expected role: Versatile forward that can create for others and serve as a glue-guy.

Unplayable if: Jump shooting never develops, and his lack of athleticism limits his versatility.

Exceeds expectations if: Jump shooting develops. More realistically, he gets stronger and can guard centers.

Shot chart: