Scouting Report: Justin Patton

Scouting Reports

When I transferred over to the new site, I lost my 2017 NBA Draft scouting reports. Kicking off the reboot is the 16th pick from the 2017 draft, Justin Patton:

He’s 7’0 and 225 pounds, and the combine will tell his length- he seems to have long arms and a good frame. Here is his scouting report:

Height/Weight: 6’11/229

Wingspan/ standing reach: 7’3/ 9’3.5

Hand size: 9.75

Position: C

College/ country: Creighton

Tools: Athleticism, P&R, potentially spacing the floor as a 5.


  • Very athletic for his position
  • Runs the floor well
  • Can stretch the floor
  • Outstanding lob finisher
  • Has a variety of post moves
  • Excellent in the P&R offensively
  • Passing is an underrated element of his game- finds cutters
  • Decent help-side defender. [Example 1]( [example 2](


  • Low FT%- will shot translate? FT form not same as jumper form
  • What will his defense be at the next level?
  • Defensive project at the next level
  • Shot selection not always ideal
  • Not really a rim protector
  • Gets beat on box outs often- bad rebounding numbers; Likely not going to be a great rebounder at the NBA
  • Feel for the game is still growing
  •  Has shown flashes of being a capable help side defender

So, let’s put this into a structured way and analyze this. First, his form on his FT being different- this to me can go both ways, one going that he can still improve on that and it won’t impact his 3P%. Or, it’ll hinder his shot and show again that FT% projects NBA shooting.

Next, he is probably a top tier P&R roll man and lob finisher in college. Here’s 2 examples: [1]( [2]( Sadly, neither strongly show P&R, but he does excel in the P&R.

Running the floor: He’s got good speed for his size, and is pretty good in transition. [This one doesn’t show it, but he got ahead of the break pretty well]( Additionally, [watch this man jump.]( He is explosive.

He’s also a solid passer. Takes risks, but they work in college. He has vision to find cutters. [Example](

He’s still a defensive project. Sometimes has awkward footwork, doesn’t stay on his feet, or just has lapses. [This one irritated me quite a bit]( His overall defense doesn’t seem like it will eclipse an average NBA defensive center.

There’s also questions on his motor and intensity, but to me it has not been as prevalent as others believe.

Overall, Patton brings a lot to the table. Athleticism, range on his jumper, passing, and elite ability in the pick n roll/ off ball movement. He’s got some question marks regarding his motor and focus, his shot selection could definitely improve, and he isn’t as great of a rebounder as someone his size should be, and he may not be able to produce right away in the NBA.