2017 Scouting Report: DJ Wilson

Scouting Reports

Full disclosure: DJ Wilson is unlikely to be a Maverick, but he’s a prospect I’ve watched and think is one of the sleeper candidates of this draft. Wilson benefited from a great NCAA Tournament, going 16 PPG 4 RPG and 3 BPG. His junior season also saw a major production jump, while going from 6 minutes a game with little production to a production (per 40 minutes) of: 14.5 PPG, 7 RPG, 1.7 APG, 2 BPG, and just 1.5 TOPG along with shooting efficiencies of 54% FG%, with 63% from 2, and 37% from 3 and a FT% of 83%, and a TS% of 63%. These stats automatically give him a solid edge compared to many other prospects. 

Wilson is a junior, but is still somewhat raw and learning the game.

Main Tools:

  • Versatility
  • Athleticism


  • Perimeter play
    • Wilson can handle the ball a little bit, as long as shoot 3s pretty well. He is well rounded for someone with his raw talent. He has tremendous upside as a Stretch 4 or 5. He can dribble well, and will serve as a good playmaker (such as P&R, as highlighted in that video) as a front court player. He can also do this.
    • Wilson can also switch onto guards and wings fairly well.
  • Wilson can play above the rim easily.
    • In transition he attempts to dunk everything. In the halfcourt, however, he plays above the rim, but not as much as someone with his size and athleticism should.
  • Wilson has a high motor, which helps him on defense. Very coachable, and his athleticism combined with motor is a great combination of traits.
  • Wilson is a good defender from the perimeter to off ball and in the paint. His athleticism and long arms (6’10.5 with a 7’3 wingspan) will help him project to be a good defender.


  • Rebounding- Wilson was not a great rebounder, as 7 rebounds per 40 minutes for a guy his size and position is subpar.
  • Wilson is still raw and inconsistent, which hurt the immediate impact of Wilson in the NBA. With a late college production spurt, he should be able to learn with constant playing time.
  • Wilson bites on pump fakes often, especially in the post. He can also over-commit when covering the perimeter.
  • Wilson must improve his foul trouble. He was removed from games due to foul trouble

Overall: Wilson is a mild floor, high ceiling guy that may be getting slept on. He is my number 21 player on my big board. Wilson isn’t always getting sexy stats, but will be an effective team player. Wilson played for a pro style offense (lots of P&R and involving the center at the top of the key) and man-to-man defense with constant switching. His role was also similar to his NBA role, which involves stretching the floor. I believe Wilson can play both forward spots, as well as small ball center. He will also be able to guard almost any position on defense. Wilson is benefiting from the small-ball shift in the NBA, and a team may reach for him to be able to immediately contribute as a spot up shooter.

How he would fit in the Mavs: While the only way Dallas would be able to acquire Wilson is by trading way back into the first, towards 20-25, Dallas would greatly benefit from Wilson’s attributes. Rick does well with stretch forwards (see: Charlie V for example) off the bench, thus making Wilson an immediate impact player. I think the Mavs should try and find a way to add a first rounder, by trading with a team such as Portland or Utah in the mid 20’s.

Projected draft range: 20-25

Comparison: Somewhere a little below the Morris twins, with a floor of Quincy Acy