2017 Scouting Report: Frank Jackson

Scouting Reports

Name: Frank Jackson

Height/Weight: 6’3.5/208

Wingspan/standing reach: 6’7 /  8’3

Hand size: 9

Position: PG

College/ country: Duke

Tools: Shooting, upside

Stats (per 40 minutes): 17.6 PPG, 2.7 APG, 4.1 RPG, 0.9 SPG, 2.2 TOPG; 47% FG%, 39.2 3P%, 75.5% FT%, and 59.8 TS%


  • Can play off ball as a spot up shooter- example
  • Strong body
  • High motor
  • Very good athlete


  • Shot selection can be questionable- shoots early in the clock often. example– he was very selfish and settled for an early and contested jumper.
  • Has good defensive traits, but needs to learn how to use them. Jackson gambles a lot with his hands, causing him to be at an immediate disadvantage on defense.
  • Often has random turnovers- mostly travels. This might show a low feel for the game.

Overall: Frank Jackson was a 6th man at Duke, and could have a role as spark scorer and adding playmaking, both valuable traits for an NBA bench. If Jackson cannot improve on his defensive woes, then he will be limited to a bench role primarily. His athleticism is good for a point guard, and with more polish on his jump shot and understanding of the game, I think Frank Jackson could have a very good career.

NBA Comparison: Brandon Knight or Jordan Clarkson

Projected draft range: 25-40

How he’d fit with the Mavs: He’d be excellent as a backup long term, as not only Rick maximizes his bench, but Frank Jackson’s spot up shooting abilities would do wonders in the Mavericks offense. His defensive struggles would be easily hidden, and he could probably thrive in a similar way that Seth Curry did this year.