2017 scouting report: Terrance Ferguson

Scouting Reports

Name: Terrance Ferguson

Height/Weight: 6’7/ 184

Wingspan/ standing reach: 6’9/8’7

Hand size: 10

Position: G/F

College/ country: Adelaide

Tools: Athleticism, shooting


  • Can play off ball and spot up shoot
  • Moves a ton off ball
  • When in position, his defense is above average
  • Incredible athleticism
  • Loves going midrange with back to basket- midrange is work in progress but could really develop. He has moves in his arsenal.


  • Lanky; needs to add weight- looks too skinny on the court
  • Gets lost and out of position on defense- needs to improve defensive fundamentals; ball-watches at times
  • Lacks awareness on offense
  • Character issues? Suspended for elbowing player in neck/head area in NBL; seems to be very pushy and overly physical.
  • Can he create for himself with the ball? Lacks great ball handling- issue in modern NBA
  • Continuing off of feel for game- takes lots of risks on defense, and doesn’t play great team defense. Attacks on double teams when he should slip out to open man on perimeter
  • Raw- not sure he will contribute much right away

Overall: Ferguson is still very raw in the beginning of the NBL season. Looks to play angry in a negative way- looks like he’s ready to fight anyone and trying to get someone to hit him or give him a reason to hit. He was suspended 2 games for elbowing a player in the head/neck area. His shot is polished already which is a great sign. He plays very well off ball, using screens to capitalize on wide open catch-and-shoot opportunities. His awareness and feel for the game are subpar, as he constantly is out of place on defense, and loves to play hero ball, caused by him ball-watching. Not a great team defender, but okay individual defender. Still a solid team player on offense- willing to make the extra pass. Fundamentals still need polishing on both ends. He lacks great ball handling ability to create- he has the moves, but doesn’t seem comfortable enough to use them with a defender in his face. He possesses great length and athleticism that will be a foundation for his game. His shot is very good, but just needs some smoothing and he can be a high quality shooter. Ferguson also likes posting defenders up and using a nice turnaround jumper, highlighted by a Dirk-esque fadeaway.

NBA Comparison: 2013-14 Gerald Green/ Mario Hezonja