Dariq Whitehead Scouting Report

Scouting Reports

A former five star recruit, Dariq Whitehead’s freshman season got off to a rocky start with a pair of foot injuries. Still, he managed to find ways to impact the game in his niche role at Duke. On the year, he averaged 8.3 PPG, 2.4 RPG, 1 APG, 0.8 SPG, and 1.4 TOPG in 20 minutes per game on splits of 42/43/79. Below is his full scouting report:

Name: Dariq Whitehead

Height/Weight: 6’6.5/217

Wingspan/ standing reach: 6’10/8’7.5

Hand size: 10

Position: SG

Pre-Draft team: Duke

Tools: Shooting, athleticism


  • Outstanding jump shooter from any spot
  • Shoots well both off the dribble and spotting up
  • Good recovery ability on defense
  • Good motor
  • Quick first step


  • Needs to improve guide hand on jumper release
  • Had more turnovers than assists
  • Can often pass first, think second; game has to slow down for him
  • Still a bit raw on defense
  • Needs to prove slashing ability and finishing at the rim

Swing Skills:

  • Playmaking
  • Health


While Dariq Whitehead is one of the top shooters in the Draft, he will have to prove two point scoring ability, primarily as a slasher and finisher at the rim. With a quick first step & a great frame, this should be something NBA teams can focus on to unlock his upside that made him a preseason top five prospect.

As a shooter, Whitehead is capable both as a spot-up shooter and self-creating shooter. As he develops his handle, he will become a more lethal shot creator which would be a big part of unlocking his high ceiling. Look for Whitehead to be an off-ball threat in his early years, then growing into a more on-ball role as he earns the trust of whichever organization drafts him in the following years.

Defensively, Dariq Whitehead has the ability to be a strong defender, given his strong recovery ability & knowledge on rotating off-ball. He can be beaten easily by quick first steps & unexpected fakes by ball-handlers, so as Whitehead develops and learns how to guard more advanced moves, his defense should easily be above-average. With effort, athleticism, and size, Whitehead should be able to develop into a good defender, as long as his work ethic is strong.

Overall, Dariq Whitehead has a high upside with a good floor as an off-ball player that can develop into a positive defender given he goes to the right situation. Look for Whitehead to climb draft boards after the Draft Combine if his health checks out.

Similar to: Will Barton, Khris Middleton, Bojan Bogdanovic, Desmond Bane

Projected draft range: 11-18

Expected role: Off-ball threat with some defense early on, then growing into on-ball ability.

Unplayable if: Unlikely to become unplayable, but a worst case scenario for Whitehead is if he is a one-dimensional player as a shooter that doesn’t develop as a slasher or defender.

Exceeds expectations if: Defense translates, and point guard skills develop in the NBA.

Miscellaneous Synergy Stats:

Catch & shoot 3s: 45.3%

Off the dribble 3s: 36.4%

Runner: 25% (2/8)


Shot chart: