Kendric Davis Scouting Report

Scouting Reports

Kendric Davis is a fifth year senior, undersized guard who I have seen the entire career development of since he started at TCU, transferred to SMU, and finished at Memphis. A four time All-AAC member and the AAC Player of the Year in 2022, Kendric Davis had a decorated college career coming from being an afterthought on Desmond Bane’s TCU team in 2018. As a fifth year senior, Kendric Davis averaged 22 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 5.4 APG, 2 SPG, and 3.1 TOPG on splits of 41/34.6/85.4. Below is his full scouting report:

Name: Kendric Davis

Height/Weight: 5’11/181

Wingspan/ standing reach: 6’1/7’8.5

Hand size: 8.5

Position: PG

College/ country: SMU

Tools: Quickness, handle


  • Extremely quick guard
  • Crazy tight handle with ankle-breaking ability
  • Strong space creation moves to set up open off the dribble shots
  • Reliable floater
  • Good vision through defenses
  • Manipulative ball-handler out of P&R
  • Great in transition offense
  • Deep range on his jump shot
  • Has a strong pump fake that gets defenders up in the air
  • Good with both hands


  • Undersized guard
  • Needs to get stronger
  • Likely defensive liability
  • Needs to get better finishing at the rim against contact
  • Has a light hitch at the top of his shot

Swing skills:

  • Finishing ability translating
  • Lack of size & length limiting his game translating
  • Off the dribble shooting


Kendric Davis is a quick guard that has potential to be a three level scorer with high-level playmaking ability. While the stats have been inconsistent year-over-year in displaying true three level scoring, Davis likely benefits from NBA spacing within the arc as a small guard, rather than the current atmosphere he has faced for the last five years with multiple players in the paint most of the time he attacks from a half-court set. This impacts both finishing at the rim and pull-up shooting, giving him more room to operate in his forte as a one-on-one scorer and playmaker. 

With a tight handle, one of the best chains in both the country and the draft, he can get to his spots with ease given how quick he is. In order to maximize getting to his spots with ease, he will both need to become a more consistent shooter off the dribble and add strength to finish through contact better at the rim. With a light hitch in his shot, Davis will need to speed up his release and eliminate the hitch to become a consistent shooter both from three and mid range. The positive for Davis as a three point shooter is that his range extends to what would be considered deep for NBA standards. His three point percentage was underwhelming as a fifth year senior, but the free throw percentage indicates his shooting touch is real and that his shooting should translate, at least from three.

Ultimately, this scouting report wouldn’t be complete without discussing Kendric Davis’ size concern. Listed at 5’11, his size is going to be an uphill battle for him given that he will struggle defensively being smaller than almost everyone he matches up against, and that his size has factored into him turning the ball over, not being able to see over most defenses in the half-court. 

There are currently only two rostered players in the NBA that are listed under 6’0: Jordan McLaughlin & DJ Augustin. Kendric Davis will have to become a great shooter and great playmaker to justify an NBA team giving him more than a two-way contract at any point in his career to overcome his size and to stick in the league. Given that Kendric Davis will be 24 on draft night, his chances of getting drafted are a significant uphill battle based on the NBA’s current landscape.

Similar to: Ty Lawson, DJ Augustin

Projected draft range: 55-undrafted

Expected role: Speedy backup point guard

Unplayable if: Size is too much of a limitation, and off the dribble shooting limits his scoring ability with negative defense. 

Exceeds expectations if: Jump shot cleanly translates, and NBA spacing improves his ability at the rim and reduces his turnover rate while overcoming a lack of size.


Shot Chart: