Jimma James High School Scouting Report

Scouting Reports

For my first high school scouting report, I identified someone I saw as a sleeper with good raw tools. At 6’5/180 with long arms and room to grow physically, I see upside in the 3 star recruit out of West Virginia, playing for Team Boo Williams EYBL. Check out my full scouting report from the EYBL circuit tape available to me from this year:

Name: Jimma James

Height/Weight: 6’5/180

Wingspan/ standing reach: N/A

Hand size: N/A

Position: Guard

Pre-Draft team: HS (Huntington Prep)

Tools: Handle, size/frame


  • Advanced handle for his age
  • Strong extension on follow-through
  • Long arms
  • Good athlete
  • Gets in stance often on defense
  • Loves a challenge defensively and gets competitive against drives


  • Needs to improve shot selection
  • Shot is a bit too compact, doesn’t get a full motion
  • Needs to improve guide hand on his jumper
  • Lacks control of accuracy in jumper
  • Needs to keep getting stronger and add weight
  • Can get burned by crossovers on high drives defensively


Jimma James is a flashy, young guard with upside as a primary ball-handler. He needs to refine consistency with the ball in his hands as a decision maker, scorer, and passer. Since James still has another year of high school, developing more guard skills will do him wonders as he approaches wing size to play the shooting guard or small forward. Shooting consistency, not forcing plays, and continuing to further his already advanced handle, will allow for him to be a unique prospect long-term. While the form and aesthetics of his jump shot look good, he needs more control on his jumper to better ‘aim’ his shot and accurately shoot at a high level. This can still be improved due to his young age, but is something to monitor as a potential red flag as a shooter.


An element of Jimma James’ game is flashiness and length, which is shown by the steal and flashy pass.
Notice the tight handle and advanced move by Jimma James, despite the miss.
Jimma James uses a size up dribble to quickly get towards the rim and change speeds to finish around the crowded defense.